Rhino Horns { Playdate Wednesdays}

“There’s rhinos under there, don’t you see their horns?” Total news to me! How lucky we were to have Mr.Ryan as our tour guide on our nature walk, for 3 1/2 he sure knows his stuff! Not only was I informed of the rhino horns ( aka- cypress stumps) I was also told we’d be digging for dinosaur fossils in the dig pit for the second half of our trip. A child’s imagination is such an amazing thing, one minute we were on a jungle safari in Africa and the next an archeological dig in the dessert. I can’t wait to see where our journey takes us next week!


Little Miss.”G” {13 Days New}

Throughout the whole time that I was pregnant with my little guy I couldn’t help but wonder what he would look like. Would he have my eyes? His dad’s nose? Would he be completely bald or have a head full of hair? For 41 weeks I would dream of what his little face would look like, and when the big day arrived and the mystery was finally unveiled I looked down at my little sweetness and for some reason I couldn’t picture the little face that I’d dreamt of for so long. Maybe it was because now I was looking down at the real thing, and it didn’t matter how much hair he had or what his nose looked like because he was unbelievably perfect in each and every way. I feel like I get to play this guessing game a little more frequently now with the mommas-to-be that I capture. When I shot Miss. G’s family a couple of months back I definitely thought about what this little munchkin would look like, and when I was finally able to meet her she is without a doubt 100% adorable, sweet and amazing. It is such a blessing to be able to capture these special moments for these families and I’m loving every minute!


Two words: sweet and sassy. My little niece turned 2 this weekend and with her pink and black dress and her red hair pulled into bouncing pigtails she nailed the sweet and sassy mark! Sugar, bounce houses and a pinyata make for a great party, but tons of family and friends make for a fabulous party! You find time to catch up with people who you haven’t seen in forever in between wiping squeezy applesauce off the floor, putting a dull pointed straw into a juice box and making sure your little one is still jumping around in the bounce house. On that note my little guy absolutely adored the bounce house, he’s finally gotten the jump bounce rhythm down, and  man there was no stopping him! Will she remember this party in 10 years? Probably not, but she absolutely loved every minute of her day (especially the singing of “Happy Birthday”) which makes it all worth it!

Playdate Wednesdays

Recently Mason and I were invited to join a playgroup by a new momma friend of mine. She is sweet, crafty and I totally love her! It’s definitely a slight struggle to have more than a 30 second conversation since your constantly watching your little monkey, but it’s still a great time. There’s lots of running, tons of laughing, a ocasional melt down and plenty of juice and snacks to refuel with! And best of all it completely wears my little guy out, so nap time is a definite on the ride home. With so many cute faces and personalities I couldn’t resist snapping some photos and giving a peek into my everyday!