Little Miss.”G” {13 Days New}

Throughout the whole time that I was pregnant with my little guy I couldn’t help but wonder what he would look like. Would he have my eyes? His dad’s nose? Would he be completely bald or have a head full of hair? For 41 weeks I would dream of what his little face would look like, and when the big day arrived and the mystery was finally unveiled I looked down at my little sweetness and for some reason I couldn’t picture the little face that I’d dreamt of for so long. Maybe it was because now I was looking down at the real thing, and it didn’t matter how much hair he had or what his nose looked like because he was unbelievably perfect in each and every way. I feel like I get to play this guessing game a little more frequently now with the mommas-to-be that I capture. When I shot Miss. G’s family a couple of months back I definitely thought about what this little munchkin would look like, and when I was finally able to meet her she is without a doubt 100% adorable, sweet and amazing. It is such a blessing to be able to capture these special moments for these families and I’m loving every minute!


2 thoughts on “Little Miss.”G” {13 Days New}

  1. those are beautiful family pics, she is a beautiful baby ans a sleeper to boot.
    we CAN’T WAIT to meet her.
    we Love u
    AF & UH

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