Summer: definition| A period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty.

I LOVE this definition (even though it technically feels like summer mostly year round here in sunny FLA!) But regardless what a happy and beautiful summer its been! Filled with sunshine, sand and lots and lots of swimming! There has been a few dashes of travel and plenty of playtime in the cool AC.  Thought I’d share with you some of my favorites, enjoy and bring on fall and some cooler weather!! (Wishful thinking!)

(Without a doubt in my top 5 favorite pictures ever taken!)


Handsome Little “P”| { 24 days new}

I never realized how fast the years can go until my little man came into this world. It seems like just yesterday I was at my first ultrasound appointment, or that I was packing my hospital bag. Once he arrived I wished I could have stopped time, a new milestone seemed like it appeared everyday. And even though I loved feeding him his first taste of homemade sweet potatoes or watching his amazement of new things as he became mobile, I shed a tear everytime because that meant he was growing up! I love being able to take the photos that capture those special moments and freeze time. I thought I’d share some more from sweet Mr. P’s session. Enjoy all this newborness!!!

Sweet Peas & Mama Bees| {Product Shoot}

I was so excited for this shoot! I absolutely love every single headband and clip that the mama behind Sweet Peas & Mama Bees turns out, they are so fun, girly and well made that it’s impossible to have just one favorite! I’ve used them in a few of my newborn sessions, but I couldn’t wait to get some shots on these adorable ladies. We toughed it out with the 90 degree heat and captured some great photos of these beauties with their fabulous accessories! As I flipped through the images there were some many great captures it was hard to pick a few, but these are some of my favs! Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out Sweet Peas & Mama Bees on Etsy and Facebook!