Ocean,Sand & An Adorable Little 4 Year Old|{ The “V” Family}

Who cares if you’ve got sandy pants and a soaking wet bum if you’ve captured the shot, right? Some people think as a photographer you just stand there and hold the camera and POOF  a great capture. Well, not so much. For my clients I’m willing to do most anything (obviously without breaking the law) to get that great shot. So in this case it meant standing knee-deep in the ocean (in jeans) to catch this little man behind the mangroves. Needless to say he made me work for it, but I’m so glad he did because I absolutely love the finished product! With just the perfect amount of sun flare and smiles I’m excited to share the “V” family’s session with you!


Darling Little “E”| {7 Months New}

So if you are ever contemplating having 6 or 7 month photos taken of your little one, I’m telling you it’s a must! I don’t get to shoot this age very often, but I have to tell you it is one of my favorites!! They can usually sit up unassisted and best of all they can’t really move! Not that I don’t enjoy the workout that a 2 or 3-year-old can give me, but I must say putting a little one in a position and having them actually stay there is quite priceless! This session couldn’t have been any more perfect, hope you enjoy this little dose of sweetness!

Think Pink| {Shoot Pink Extravaganza Campaign}

When I heard about the Shoot Pink Extravaganza campaign I knew it was something I’d like to particpate in. I feel truly honored that these two sisters wanted to get in front of my lens! Here’s a little more about these two lovely ladies in their own words…

“As BRCA -1 gene mutation survivors, we are so fortunate to have each other to lean on, as well as the support from our family and friends.  There is hope in every day and love is the best medicine.” –  Justina Rhodes (31) and Joshlyn Steele (29).


Capturing 2| {Round 2}

I don’t know what it is but for some reason just thinking of taking my own little guy out for some photos makes me cringe. I could shoot other people’s children all day and there’s never an issue, but then I try to shoot my own and its usually a complete nightmare! It ends up with me sweaty, frustrated and ready for a cocktail! Let me tell you last week his 2 year session was no different, he was completely uncooperative and unwilling and I was about ready to lose it! After skimming though the shots I liked one, maybe two of the images and was totally disappointed that what I have envisioned in my mind was not even close to what I was staring at on my computer screen. So after a glass of wine and a shower I decided that there would indeed be a round two, though I would change the location and wait for my dad (who was coming for a visit from NJ) to join as reinforcement.

So 4 days later with child, father, camera and lots of hope I went in for round two, and this time it all just clicked(no pun intended)! Did I get the super posed shots, no way but I got some amazing pics of my (Gah) 2-year-old! And thank you to some fabulous golden light I love almost every image, perfect reward for a little perseverance!