Capturing 2| {Round 2}

I don’t know what it is but for some reason just thinking of taking my own little guy out for some photos makes me cringe. I could shoot other people’s children all day and there’s never an issue, but then I try to shoot my own and its usually a complete nightmare! It ends up with me sweaty, frustrated and ready for a cocktail! Let me tell you last week his 2 year session was no different, he was completely uncooperative and unwilling and I was about ready to lose it! After skimming though the shots I liked one, maybe two of the images and was totally disappointed that what I have envisioned in my mind was not even close to what I was staring at on my computer screen. So after a glass of wine and a shower I decided that there would indeed be a round two, though I would change the location and wait for my dad (who was coming for a visit from NJ) to join as reinforcement.

So 4 days later with child, father, camera and lots of hope I went in for round two, and this time it all just clicked(no pun intended)! Did I get the super posed shots, no way but I got some amazing pics of my (Gah) 2-year-old! And thank you to some fabulous golden light I love almost every image, perfect reward for a little perseverance!


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