A Boy & His Bear { My Little Guy| Holiday 2012}

Talk about spontaneous in every meaning of the word! I had been thinking about some ideas for our holiday cards this year and was trying to decide if I had the energy/patience to attempt a quicky session with my little guy. I think it’s mandatory that children of photographers’ be as uncooperative as possible when their parent/photographer is trying to take their photo. So after going back and forth in my own mind for most of the day at 4:30 on a Wednesday I convinced myself it was a go, (since someone had just woken up from his nap and seemed to be in a rather happy mood) little man holiday photo session was in full effect! A quicky wardrobe change and we were in the car, there was a spot right near my house that I’d been scouting for almost a year and just never had the right client to try it out with. Tonight was the night and to my utter and complete surprise everything fell into place. My last minute throw together shoot turned out better than I could have hoped. My son was unbelievably cooperative, the golden light was freakin phenomenal and I was doing my happy, giddy photog dance all the way home! I hope you enjoy this look into my world, there will be some serious wall art of this going up in my house in the next couple weeks that’s for sure!

** Side note- This teddy was my husband’s from when he was little, Mr. Bear just turned 30!


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