Truckin’ It {My Little Guy| February 2013}

I’ve been wanting to get this post up for a few weeks now, but some how personal photos tend to fall by the wayside when things get hectic. I always get around to them, but not as quickly as I’d like. I promised myself I would change that this year, I’m feeling positive!

Any whoozle, since the fall I’d been researching what my next lens purchase would be. I went back and forth for months but finally made up my mind and chose a new 85mm. I basically stood at the window waiting for the UPS man to arrive and almost hugged him with excitement when he did! So… first things first take my little guy out to test my new gear! For things like this I have to plan ahead and make sure he’s well rested and that I have some exciting bribery ready for when we finish up. I’d give him a 6 our of 10 on the cooperative scale for this quicky shoot, but hey for a 2 1/2 year old that’s not half bad.

So for now I leave you with my little guy, a 28 year old Tonka truck and some amazing bokeh from my new addition!



Downtown| {The “B” Family| Holday 2012}

I really try to stay on top of my blogging, keyword being try!!! But for some reason my little blog seems to get pushed down on my photography to-do list. So on a night like tonight where my little guy fell asleep early and my husband conked out by 8:30, I’m taking full advantage and blogging… and blogging and blogging!

This session was from holiday time last year, and it’s about time that it made it onto the blog! I am always so honored that my clients ask me to shoot their holiday photos. That they want my images on their holiday cards that they send to their nearest and dearest! And it’s always extra special when it’s your own family. Say hello to my beautiful niece, nephew, sister and brother-in-law!!!

Tiny Perfection| {Visiting Little Miss. “O”}

3 weeks ago little Miss. O decided to make her entrance into the world 7 weeks early, and when she arrived she was just perfect with 10 teeny tiny fingers and toes and the most adorable pouty lips! My little and I took a quick road trip a couple of hours away this past weekend to go visit this little beauty and I couldn’t resist taking some sweet shots of her and her momma!!! She’s growing stronger every day and we can’t wait to get her home and shower her with love!!! Enjoy all this teeny tiny sweetness!



A Boy & His Bear { My Little Guy| Holiday 2012}

Talk about spontaneous in every meaning of the word! I had been thinking about some ideas for our holiday cards this year and was trying to decide if I had the energy/patience to attempt a quicky session with my little guy. I think it’s mandatory that children of photographers’ be as uncooperative as possible when their parent/photographer is trying to take their photo. So after going back and forth in my own mind for most of the day at 4:30 on a Wednesday I convinced myself it was a go, (since someone had just woken up from his nap and seemed to be in a rather happy mood) little man holiday photo session was in full effect! A quicky wardrobe change and we were in the car, there was a spot right near my house that I’d been scouting for almost a year and just never had the right client to try it out with. Tonight was the night and to my utter and complete surprise everything fell into place. My last minute throw together shoot turned out better than I could have hoped. My son was unbelievably cooperative, the golden light was freakin phenomenal and I was doing my happy, giddy photog dance all the way home! I hope you enjoy this look into my world, there will be some serious wall art of this going up in my house in the next couple weeks that’s for sure!

** Side note- This teddy was my husband’s from when he was little, Mr. Bear just turned 30!

Capturing 2| {Round 2}

I don’t know what it is but for some reason just thinking of taking my own little guy out for some photos makes me cringe. I could shoot other people’s children all day and there’s never an issue, but then I try to shoot my own and its usually a complete nightmare! It ends up with me sweaty, frustrated and ready for a cocktail! Let me tell you last week his 2 year session was no different, he was completely uncooperative and unwilling and I was about ready to lose it! After skimming though the shots I liked one, maybe two of the images and was totally disappointed that what I have envisioned in my mind was not even close to what I was staring at on my computer screen. So after a glass of wine and a shower I decided that there would indeed be a round two, though I would change the location and wait for my dad (who was coming for a visit from NJ) to join as reinforcement.

So 4 days later with child, father, camera and lots of hope I went in for round two, and this time it all just clicked(no pun intended)! Did I get the super posed shots, no way but I got some amazing pics of my (Gah) 2-year-old! And thank you to some fabulous golden light I love almost every image, perfect reward for a little perseverance!


Summer: definition| A period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty.

I LOVE this definition (even though it technically feels like summer mostly year round here in sunny FLA!) But regardless what a happy and beautiful summer its been! Filled with sunshine, sand and lots and lots of swimming! There has been a few dashes of travel and plenty of playtime in the cool AC.  Thought I’d share with you some of my favorites, enjoy and bring on fall and some cooler weather!! (Wishful thinking!)

(Without a doubt in my top 5 favorite pictures ever taken!)

Impromptu Shoots| The Best Kind!

Some of my favorite images are from the shoots that are thrown together in a half hour without much throught. Despite the 85 degree weather and 100% humidity (at 7 pm might I add) my sis in law decided it was a perfect evening to pack up the kiddies, throw together some mish-mosh outfits (usually the best kind) and head out the door to meet for a Father’s Day impromptu photo session. Clicking the camera is one of my favorite ways to relax and forget about the world, no matter how uncooperative the littles are being I still love to see those couple of shots that make it all worth it!!